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What's New with Henshue?


    Everything is new, and yet, nothing ever really is. Our lives are always busy and full with whatever we decide to spend our time on.
    I am in the midst of collecting and analyzing data for my dissertation. If you want to read the full report so far, it is HERE. As always, it is slow going, with teaching at both Rutgers and Moravian, and trying hard to be a good father and husband.
    The paperback edition of "The Essential Species of Pennsylvania" is available through Amazon.com HERE. If you would like it signed, just drop me an email. There is also a kindle version available HERE.  For more information, see the 'BOOKS' page, or send a note to books@henshue.org


Other Projects:

Angry Molecules:
    I have worked out a way to make molecular structure make sense. We have almost all asked ourselves WHY carbon dioxide and methane are such effective greenhouse gasses... I have built molecular models that are very dynamic and mobile to show the harmonic, long-lived vibrations that allow heat to get trapped in different GHG's, and some basic, non-heating molecules for comparison. Check out the "ANGRY MOLECULES" page.

Stockertown Optics:
    In addition to pursuing a PhD., writing books, presenting, and getting in as much trouble as possible, I have also taken on cleaning and maintaining the microscopes and balances for some local schools. For prices or more information, see the 'OPTICS' page or drop a line to optics@henshue.org.