The Essential Species of Pennsylvania

    "The Essential Species of Pennsylvania" is a brief field guide to the most common species in the Mid-Atlantic states, especially those that people will most likely encounter in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. It covers trees, mammals, birds, fish, herps, and flowers. This book was originally written for use in a high school environmental science class, and quickly gained popularity with families, summer camps, parks, and entry-level naturalists. 1000 generations ago (of mosquitoes), two of my colleagues and I were talking about putting a "pamphlet" together for our students to have in our Environmental Science class of all the plants, bugs, birds, and mammals that they would learn throughout the year. We wanted to make it so the kids could take it with them when the class was over. Many years and one of those co-workers have passed, but the idea never left my head, or heart. So, I started off attempting to write a small booklet. I surveyed hundreds of teachers, biologists, professors, and rangers as to what the most common species were, and what kids should know to appreciate the outdoors in the Mid-Atlantic States. Well, needless to say, it has spiraled out of control, and 4 years, a Master's degree, and 50 proofreaders later, I ended up publishing a 142 page book about wonderful creatures, great and small, complete with great stories, dorky "science teacher" jokes, and wonderful artwork from two very talented artists. I hope you like it. Just as importantly, I hope you learn something from it. Thanks again, tell a friend, and keep the reviews coming! You can order your paperback copy from Amazon.com HERE.

Other Formats:

The Essential Species of Pennsylvania is available in paperback edition, both through this website and through Amazon.com. It is also available as a Kindle E-book.

The primary goal of this project has always been to get the book into kid's hands'. The book sales just help pay the publishing fees and royalties for continuing to make copies for classroom use. A classroom master copy is available for $100. It allows you to make unlimited copies of the original and give them to your students. Please email books@henshue.org for more details.